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15 Hilarious Videos About Salon Hair Products

A Fantastic Salon Hair Products With Minimal Spending.

The most of the same and links are all mentioned on below so I hope you guys enjoy the video please don’t forget to Like share and subscribe you look a little big gentlemen what’s happening great to see so doing something a little bit different today the other day I was in a drugstore and I passed the men’s hair styling product section and.

I was amazed at how many different options there are nowadays as opposed to Beck’s Before Pete and Pedro when I actually used to shop for it and so I thought it would be a pretty cool idea for me to go and actually buy some of the current products that are on the market that you can find the drugstores and test them out to find.

the best because I know that there are a lot of you guys out there that don’t have access to Pete and Pedro Which happens to be the best product on the market or you’re just salon hair products looking for a more budget-friendly option and so I Thought it’d be a great idea for me to test try and let you know what to buy not to mention my hair.

This is looking a little rough could use some product gentlemen let’s head to Walgreen what’sup man and here we are the men’s section so what I’m thinking is.

that I’m Actually going to be looking for a matte product I use Pete and Pedro putty and so I’m looking for something that’s similar to that so that I can actually style my hair with.

Risks Of Salon Hair Products

The new products and get the best result and give you guys my opinion I Old Faithful American Crew Fiber salon hair products I still love this stuff it’s expensive actually about the same price as Pete and Pedro but we’re going to grab this see if I still like.

it Old Spice now has a nice selection and it’s super affordable eight bucks let’s grab the putty for  I got to give facts ago let’s try the Dove sculpting paste I love dove’s products and so.

I’m Excited to try it and got to be alright so I got five products I think that’s a good number and a good salon hair products selection so I’m Going to head back to the house get shower and start testing some of these bad boys out all right guys fresh clean hair and ready for action first things first and a brush it into place.