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Pay for on thunders treatment now my point in this is that this is not an unusual case I have to say I know my mother has told me that I’m truthful to a fault but I have a very large unpublished book called the journal of allopathic medicine which is full of these cases so full and not only just mind I had plenty of contributions from my colleagues three or four years I know dr. Marcia has helped contribute to them of what she is seeing it’s just flat-out malpractice.

So I had not published the other book called malpractice as a standard of care but it is there’s a tragic underreporting and unrecognized after the vaccine is injected and.

This is this is fact now we have to change this it’s not going to come probably from the veterinarians themselves we have been working on this problem since but my god dr. Ron Schultz has been tellin everybody since and if years can’t get people to change I think the only thing we have left to do is to inform the owners of.

The animal so they stand up in defense of their animals right and don’t allow this stuff to continue there was a report from the CBB that gave the following description of adverse events following by the percentage of dogs.

That receive AXA nations and it was vomiting facial swelling injection site swelling or lump with RJ her carrier circular shots injection site pain to writers injection site alopecia death lack of consciousness diarrhea hypersensitivity not specified fever anaphylaxis ataxia Ramos general signs of pain hyperactivity injection site scabs across muscle tremors yadda thrombocytopenia it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Now there is no post-marketing surveillance that’s in place and that’s a shame because we really need it and that’s one of the big problems both in human and animal medicine they don’t do much to get these vaccines licensed it’s all like a big secrets.

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