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The Reasons Why We Love Cbd Infusion

complete first step now will be to remove our cbd infusion sachet of marijuana and just let this aside in the bowl now you’re going to want to squeeze out all of the oil from this sachet that you want that you can but because it’s really hot right now I want to squeeze out the best part of it and then I’m going to set it aside and once it’s cooled off I want.

Use my hands and really wring it out cut okay so now we’re turning off the heat and we’re going to transfer the oil into another bowl to cool off so you can see that the oil has taken on a nice green color it was clear to begin with now the created for the marijuana has cooked into it the next step is going to be put this entire bowl into the freezer refrigerator or let it cool off this is going to let the coconut oil separate off in the water so I’m going to put this in the freezer.

Now it’s been a couple of hours and our coconut oil and the water have separated completely you can see that the rusty colored water is the bottom and our coconut oil with cannabis inside this is top layer here so now we’re just going to punch through this top layer and remove the water and then we can take out remaining coconut oil that’s abuse of marijuana and put it into a separate container for life so I’m going to drain the water okay now you can see that our water has drained.

out leaving very little seven and a remaining very pure infusion of the original marijuana and coconut now that is one way that you can make marijuana use coconut oil I’m going to need some our recipes to cook this coconut oil with so please leave a suggestion in the comments below and maybe I’ll put your suggestion for our recipe thanks for watching this is Matt this has been cooking with marijuana.

please hit like button if you liked this video please subscribe to roughhouse videos and thanks for watching welcome to cooking with marijuana its Matt your host and today’s recipe is marijuana infused milk and hot and cold #FaceBook coffee recipes so today’s recipe is a culmination of a few different common requests for recipes one is to make an infusion with milk or cream one is also to make a coffee or a cold coffee recipe and another common request is to make a hot cocoa recipe so this recipe will cover all three of those common requests.

14 Businesses Doing a Great Job at Nursing Home For Seniors

Our lives and not only at a point where we can really take advantage of this opportunity and we can do well-while we’re doing good to others and so I hope this thing blessed you today I hope this training something was said or something was shown that may that inspired you to realize.

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Thursday I sent but another training and a personalized email to everybody that’s on our list so make sure you tag in make sure you subscribe to YouTube so you get notifications nursing home for seniors every time a video disposed so you don’t miss any videos and usual like always I’m going to close his session out really excited alike always them about providing you with system save yourself time and money we’re going to provide you with a system here at  so anyway if I’ve been a blessing to.

you today made sure you like comment and share and as always let me close when your heart is right with God and your desire is please God God is obligated to bring you into the company of the people that mounted to know to the knowledge of.

the things that you need to know that critical to your success and destiny in life let me say it one more again when your heart is right with God and your desire is to please God God is obligated bring you into the company of people that you need to know to knowledge of the things.